Three things that I know for sure

Ukraine was filled with incredible experiences and awe-inspiring circumstances and I can’t overstate the ways that my life is different as a result.


The movement of God on a trip like that?  I think the word Beyond describes it best.

Beyond my expectations

Beyond my comfort zones

Beyond my abilities

Beyond my capacity physically, emotionally, spiritually

Beyond the scope of one person

Beyond the breadth of a team

Beyond the barriers of language and culture

Beyond the enemy’s effectiveness to thwart

Beyond the confines of weather

Beyond the incompetence of an airline

Beyond the proficiency of group dynamics

Beyond the physical and mental limitations of 58 children

Beyond the steep walls built around the hearts of their 41 caregivers

Beyond the isolation of an orphanage

Simply, Beyond.

In every imaginable way, on every conceivable plane, around every comprehensible obstacle, the power of God working through the hearts that served in camp went Beyond the scope of our physical world.


Into the world

of the indescribable,

the improbable,

and the impossible.

You should know that when I say “served in camp,” I mean those of us who were physically there.

Our families who sacrificed in our absence.

Those of you who supported us all financially by donating or purchasing cookies.

Those of you who prayed for us.

Those of you who reached out and encouraged our families while we were gone.

Those of you who have asked about what we learned.

Those of you who have felt your heart beat a little faster as you’ve seen pictures of these precious children.

IMG_1267   IMG_1453    IMG_1523

Yes, you!  You made a contribution to the heartbeat of heaven pounding with more resolution here on earth.

This week, I’m  beginning a series of posts about our experiences in Ukraine.  I’m getting all worked up because I’m so excited to tell you all about it!  I could talk for absolutely hours about the trip, and I have a few gracious friends who can substantiate that statement!

I hope you hang out with me to hear the stories.

Before I unpack it all though, I have to say that I came home knowing three things for certain.  They’ve continued to re-form my thinking as the rhythm of life has again begun to pelt off-beat.  When familiar feelings of fear, guilt, and lies about my life return to shove me off tempo, I’m returning to these things that I know for sure.

I have a Father, who sees everything!

He’s not asking me to dig deep.

And when I see Him I find strength to face the day.

My hope is that you’ll find yourself somewhere in these stories as well.  You may find yourself searching for belief.  You may be facing decisions that evoke deep fears and challenge faith that you’ve already claimed.  Maybe you’re exhausted from the daily grind that threatens to pulverize you.  I don’t know on what level you’re struggling, but I am unequivocally certain that when we seek God, we find Him.  And when we find Him?

“We find strength to face the day.”

If you go over here, you can see some photos from the trip and hear the Paul Baloche song that became my anthem on the trip.


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