Things I learned in September: iOS 7, bus policies and the color lavender

At the end of every  month, Emily Freeman hosts a little get-together where she shares a few different things she’s learned during the month and invites other bloggers to do the same.  This is the first month I’m joining the party.

You never know what you’re gonna find over there, fashion ideas, iphone tricks, links to great music, random facts that could become handy. It’s one of those little things in life that makes me happy and it’s tons of fun.  So…..Here’s my list in positively no order of usefulness.

We can survive a week with no peanut butter.  I make my peeps lunch every day, not because they like what I fix, but because they despise  the school lunches even more.  I was bathing in busy one week and ran out of peanut butter on a Monday.  By Wednesday I hadn’t been to the store and made it a personal challenge to see if we could hang in there til Friday.  We did and I’m thinking that the words personal challenge and peanut butter shouldn’t even be in the same sentence, kind of pathetic now that I think about it.

The average prisoner at Guantanamo bay gains 13 pounds over 14 months.  This made me laugh at first and later made me a little sick to my stomach…..priorities.

I will never by another lavender shirt.  Every once in a while, I foolishly buy something with actual pigment.    If I actually pull a colored shirt out of the closet, and make it out the bedroom door without completely stripping down and starting over, I return by noon, 2 pm at the latest, and throw it in the corner hating on myself for wasting money .  I tossed the last lavender shirt I’ll purchase into the rummage pile this month and am planting purple pennon.  I do not wear purple, period.

My son’s 7th grade choir went to see the original Wizard of Oz in 3-D at the IMAX yesterday.  I’ve never watched it all the way through.  I was sheltered as a child and it’s had dire effects.  I’m not even kidding. Dorothy’s lips didn’t match the audio several times during the movie so investigated because apparently I have nothing better to do.  There’s a site called Movie Mistakes that lists 312 problems found in the movie.  I’m wondering who dedicates their time to identifying, classifying and posting movie mistakes.  Since I   decided to look it up in the first place, it’s tie for which one of us has more free time.

The superintendent of my kids school finds it a very big deal when a mom leaves her blue van in the bus loading zone.  I’m not sure that this needs any more explanation. There was a time when this incident would have thrown me into a sobbing self-loathing puddle, but I’m almost an adult now, so  I sprinted to sign out, dug out my best Miss-America-Goes-Legally-Blonde wave, apologized and got the heck outta there!

In addition, parents and bus drivers find it a very big deal when a mom defies the drop-off traffic pattern.  And in yet a third incident, 13-year-old rule following students are incensed when they’re dropped off at the “wrong” entrance.  All hail, the bus driver!

I greatly dislike iOS 7.    I’ve never on the front lines  of a worldwide technological advance and had no idea that I had a choice to update.  I spent h.o.u.r.s making sure my 2,000 pictures were safe in another location before deleting them for the download.  I thought that it was a requirement and didn’t fully understand the the ways that the Download Now  selection choice would drastically change my life.   Apple, I need my calendar and reminder apps restored to working condition immediately.

The last thing that I learned could possibly save you some money.  Itunes has fantastic customer service.  Let’s just say you have a child under the age of 10 who makes two separate in-app purchases while playing a racing game totalling $53.99 each including tax.  Apple will refund this money immediately if you tell them this was an unauthorized purchase.  Yes, my restrictions have been enabled, I’m so glad you asked.

What cool things did you learn in September?  You’ll find all kinds of interesting lists over at  Chatting at the Sky today.

I’ll be back Monday with a little project reveal.  October’s gonna be busy!

4 thoughts on “Things I learned in September: iOS 7, bus policies and the color lavender

  1. I had to smile about a week without peanut butter. My family could do without but I probably couldn’t. My son actually says he doesn’t like peanut butter anymore because he took it too many times for school lunches. 🙂 Enjoyed your list.


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