31 Days of Growing Up: Day 1

This is it!

I’m linking up with The Nester’s 31 Day challenge this month.  For the month of October, hundreds of bloggers choose a topic and commit to live and write about it every day for a month. You should check it out.

If my topic takes on zombie form threatening bodily harm, I will still be posting every day in October.  If all I can muster is hello or blubbbbb as I wipe away the drool,  I’ll be here every day.  Misspellings, grammar from the dark ages, empty txt bubbles, I’ll.Be.Here.Every.Day.  

31 days in a row of  anything makes me a little hivey.  Bring on the Benedryl.

The perfectionist in me, let’s call her Piper,  keeps nipping that I need to have an outline for the month.  A riveting introduction and 29 points supported with three sub-points each to be torn apart daily with a conclusion that would waken C.S. Lewis.   Piper also says I need to share just enough to be engaging while still appearing that I have life all together, which undoubtedly a lie.   One of my goals for the month is to shut that girl up.

Just Who On Earth Do I Think I Am.

I’ll share some ideas that are changing my thinking and also quotes, pictures and music that reaches the space between words. Old stories that I can’t wait to break out, new insights as I continue to live out of the truest me, from the hysterical to the holy, I’ll post every day and I’m really hoping that you’ll join me and share what moves you too!

I’m writing out of the place I’m learning the most right now.  I’ve  gathered thoughts over the last few months like a bird snatches remnants for a nest.  Mostly it’s a jumbled up mess with bits of straw, yarn and used up dental floss, but there’s the occasional strand of tinsel and the rare sparkle of an emerald hair flair.

I believe in palms up living.  Opening my hands, heart and mind to the ideas that God wants to speak into my soul.  That means that while I have some thoughts about what I’m currently learning, I can say with certainty that I have no idea where we’ll end up by the end of this month.

So, it’s with great pride and in my big girl panties that I announce 31 days of………..

growing up last

Consider signing up for my daily posts this month?  They’ll come straight to your inbox and you can un-sign, de-sign, re-sign (none of them sound right) at any time.

See you tomorrow!

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