31 Days of Growing Up: Day 7

growing up last

My soul has been simmering. There aren’t words yet, just ideas, concepts and the occasional anonymous feeling.  I’ve learned that when there’s soul work going on, my threshold for agitation is at ground level.

Last week, I had a day when I roved and routed through the day expecting that the next activity or song or food would dam my leaking composure and nothing worked.

Not checking items off my list  or going for a walk, taking a nap  or browsing my favorite websites. Not  affirmative feedback on a project, or even a positive report regarding a child, A good cup of coffee, dinner on the stove, clean laundry, a clean dishwasher I mean nothing brought the calm my soul was craving. .

And so I did what any reasonable woman would have done under the circumstances, I quit trying.    

I’m learning to recognize that agitation disproportionate to the day is one of my indicators that growth is taking place.   Don’t you wish that recognition of an issue would magically make it disappear?   You can’t short-circuit growth.   I hate that.  

The next level of understanding that God wants us to reach is just on the other side of the disturbance.

God-whispers, and Truth blankets the collision of Life and Emotions, incubating Growth.  

Last week I finally chucked the to-do list in favor of to-be.  I decided to quit trying to circumvent the process of growth via busy.  Being, in the the middle of the soul-stirring agitation, is hard work, but so worth it when you can hear the whisper.

What are your indicators that your soul is learning something?  Would you consider sharing them with us?

You can find the rest of this series here.

2 thoughts on “31 Days of Growing Up: Day 7

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