31 Days of Growing Up: Day 9

When my soul churns and I recognize that there’s growth occurring  in my life, I desperately just want the process to be over.

growing up last

Have you ever traveled with a friend who believes that one of the best parts of  vacation is the journey?  Meandering gives me hives.

Hands down the most frequent question I ask my husband is what’s the plan.  I want Chick-Fil-A in the van, 5 minute potty stops and pedal to the metal.  Get-where-I-am-going-thank-you-very-much.  After my two stints in Geometry, Mr Younce would be very happy to know that I remember  the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

I don’t do zig-zags, and so I’ve learned the hard way that our souls were made for attentive responsiveness.  There’s a progression of growth in each of us and if we don’t cultivate it, we erase the wonder, the majesty and the sovereignty of God in our every day lives.

Vital choices are made  during the recess between soul agitation and actual growth, and these choices determine how clearly I can hear God.

Preparation for hearing from God, always happens in the middle of soul turbulence.

We  each  have inclinations for avoiding the disturbance.  Over-scheduling, under-performing, eating, exercising, entertainment, community involvement, kids sports, even bible studies can all be narratives for  avoiding moments that are uncomfortable and uncertain.

It’s important to understand what we use to escape introspection either intentionally or inadvertently.  Even admirable activities can mute the voice of God in our souls and the growth that accompanies hearing His voice.

Do you have any pursuits or habits that you could add to the list?  Thank you for inviting me into your space today, tomorrow I’ll share my MO for avoiding soul turbulence.

You can find the rest of this series here.

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