31 Days of Growing Up: Day 10

Avoiding soul work comes naturally for most of us, but often we don’t recognize our innocuous actions as ways we avoid vulnerability and subsequent growth.  Our response is to do something….anything to avoid feeling exposed.

growing up last

When I feel the flurries of foundational Truth begin to whirl, my first distraction of choice is Tell-A-Friend.  I want to share the intricate details of what God is unfolding to me, but inviting others into those sacred spaces averts this pure process.

I lean more toward introversion, but when it comes to new ideas, I want connection like a suburban mom wants clearance endcaps at Target.

Tell-A-Friend  is about me capturing and framing an individual snowflake of Truth.  If I snatch those first solitary flakes for display, they melt, and I’m left with clammy hands.  But, if instead, I  allow them to disperse, the Holy Spirit  lavishly blows in more Truth-crystals like a blizzard.  As they layer and blanket my soul it becomes easier for me to perceive and understand the voice of God.  When the sacred blizzard has run its course and the season begin to change, the sun shines brightly melting truth into my porous heart resulting in a richly watered soul.

Your diversion may be different than mine, the but the result is the same.

We circumvent the process God uses to cultivate growth in our lives by immersing ourselves in a myriad of  distractions.  

Sitting alone with God can be some challenging work!   I’d much rather have a lively validating conversation with a friend about the incredible attributes about God than actually experience the supernatural ethereal presence of God. Just the truth here girls.  And the truth is that I want something I can measure.

Have you figured out some distractions that muffle the voice of God in your life?  What if you could learn to hear Him with confidence and clarity.  Would it be worth it?

You can find the rest of this series here.

4 thoughts on “31 Days of Growing Up: Day 10

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