31 Days of Growing Up: Day 11

People usually feel strongly about storms one way or another.  I adore them.   There’s a snug feeling about being  home in the hours  leading up to forceful weather.

This morning though, a soul-storm was brewing, and I wasn’t feeling very safe.  Everything in me wanted to Tell-A-Friend.  There was a short window in my schedule and I really wanted to  puke the upheaval in my soul all over hers.

growing up last

I had a choice.  Frame the flurries, or wait for the blizzard.  

The day hadn’t gone as planned, surprise, surprise.  I badly wanted to escape the emotional pressure I was experiencing and was sure that a  conversation with my girlfriend could accomplish that.

Relief of emotional pressure was  within my grasp.  But I have a life rule for such times.  If the phone rings, I can answer it, but under no circumstances am I to dial. 

So, I parked my car and had a come to Jesus meeting with myself.  A few minutes later I decided  to go ahead and invite Him to the party.  The practice of a palms up lifestyle insures that God is in the middle of  every decision I make  despite whether I specifically ask him about it.  So I dumped my heart shrapnel on him and picked up the book in my bag.

 In the span of 30 minutes, I read five pages of the book I just happened to have, was impressed with one song that shuffled  and came across a meaningful tweet.  All of these bits of information were relevant to the issues that had been agitating and I pulled out of my parking space with a renewed mind and soul.  As a bonus,   these same fragments of wisdom ended up shedding light on an  unrelated situation  later in the day.  God’s cool like that.  

As much as I love my friend, I’m glad she didn’t call. While she might have had great intentions to encourage me,  she doesn’t know every detail of my life.  Assuming that either of us had the time for me to get her up to speed, her thoughts and suggestions would have been filtered through her own brokenness and more than likely I would have hung up feeling just as discouraged.

Growing up is painful.

Remember that even the bible even says so.

For with much wisdom comes much sorrow:  The more knowledge, the more grief.  Ecclesiastes 1:18

But also remember.

I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.  John 16:33

But when we deny ourselves and seek Him, we find Him.  And when we find him, we unleash strength for our growing pains.

You can find the entire Growing Up series here.


3 thoughts on “31 Days of Growing Up: Day 11

  1. Right there with you, for years I had a short list of friends I could call for validation and justification. The friends remain, but the need has been replaced with one for peace and wisdom. Those things rarely come from human friends. I love that you notice that you would have to spend so much time filling her in on all the details to get it, and yet she would still filter her advice through her own brokenness & life experiences. So wise. He gives us what we need.


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