31 Days of Growing Up: Day 21

Have you ever considered that what you do with your time, or the landscape of your relationships, or the state of your home reflects the growth of your soul?

growing up last

I’m tuned into my own big self to a degree that might be certifiable and have given this much more thought than a person should.  But I’ve learned a few things in the process and I think they’re worth sharing.

Clean and clutter-free counter tops are essential to my mental health.

I consider clean counters next to godliness.  The bible says that in the beginning Adam and Eve were naked and unashamed and I believe my counter tops should be as well.

I love my counter-tops empty.   You get the point.

 After 20 years, I’m beginning to accept that my husband does not share these values, but my children will go forth into the world knowing that their mother believes that the key to a happy life is clean counter-tops.   God help the child that gets out the chips and leaves a trail.  

I view my home as a safe house from  life.  At night when I draw the curtains and turn on the cozy  lights and my counters are clean, I’m in my happy place.

Your happy list no doubt different than mine.

You may not give two hoots whether your counters are cleaned off but I’m bettin there’s something that when it’s done,  stills your soul and when it’s not, fuels your fury.

Have you ever considered why you feel this way?

I want to make it very clear that this isn’t a discussion of how you keep your home or whether it’s as clean as your grandma’s.  The point is not that you keep your refrigerator organized like Martha Stewart or have daily routines that would make the Flylady proud.

Our homes sometimes tell a story about our souls.  It’s not a story for publication, but one that can help us gain insight into the story that we’re living.

I first started noticing parallels between my home and my soul shortly after I moved into our current home, a cool story that I’ll share sometime this week.  Have you considered that your home has a lot to teach you?

Here are some questions to think about.  You don’t have to raise your hand and share, but I’d be tickled if you did.

  • How satisfied are you with your home as it is right this very minute.  Backpacks all over the floor, laundry on the bed, you get the idea.  Your answer may have to do with actual housekeeping, or it may be more about how comfortable you are living there.
  • If you could change one thing, what would it be and why.
  • Do you have a tigger task?  One that if completed, gives you deep satisfaction?

You can the entire series here.

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