Thoughts on hoarding and happy music

It’s been looking like an episode of Hoarders in there, an overflow of feelings and fragments.   Only so many thoughts can pile up in my head before it’s time to call for a dumpster.  

Most of the time, it’s the deeper darker thoughts that get pitched first, straight onto the paper.  

Deep down is always darker. That’s why I come here and work it all out.  Even true friends run out of Kleenex at some point and honestly, most of it just has to be worked out alone, with God.

Today was different though.  I woke up feeling cozy from the first snowfall.  Thankful for my warm home,  I knocked out a weeks worth of work by 8:30…  yes, that’s right, a.m.  Why is it that the more I have to do, the more I get done?

I saw a tweet yesterday that said no time is more productive than the 60 minutes before company arrives.     A free day to complete half finished projects, you say?  ppffffssshhhh.

The accomplishments fueled my already thankful heart and I danced straight through the morning.   I wanted to share the music that matched my morning mood. (as well as my love for alliteration)

Do you listen to music in the morning?  What matches your mood today?

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