When Thankfulness Runs Out

I am caught today in a  dark ink pool of my privilege while blessings, too many to count, stain my ungrateful heart.

Thankfulness precedes the blessing and I am both blessed and un-thankful.

My heart wants heaven on earth and translucent understanding. Someone to share with as we separate threads of  pure thankfulness knotted within dark disappointment  and spun completely over with the Perfect Love that was born into humanity.

I look for connection and when I find it run furiously.

I am sure of my belief in the Son that came from God. The Son that gives life to hard cynical souls and I hear my screaming angry echo when I choose politics over love, choose right over love, choose alone over love.

My thoughts curve with love the instant before they veer hard left, straight toward victimization.

Friends pray and I can feel their faith, the way they know the names of my silent tears.

Strengthened, as I share without words.




2 thoughts on “When Thankfulness Runs Out

  1. Hold onto your Father’s hand when this world disappoints you. He will always be there. His Word can encourage and lift you up when you can’t hear His voice.


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