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A year ago this weekend, I was tucked into my home much like this morning.  I can retrace the steps I took in the kitchen as I received a phone call that would cause me to begin piecing together several profound realizations.  Nothing I learned that day was truly earth-shattering, Nothing I came to understand through listening to the hollow truth pressing hard into my stomach was anything I hadn’t felt or thought before.  And today, I can see clearly that the second weekend in January of 2017 could have ended up giving way to the second weekend in January of 2018 with little to no change in my life were it not for one thing.

It’s important to me to be a truth-teller  and so I write the words “were it not for one thing” and then shirk back wondering if it’s really true, this one thing.  Weren’t there ten truths  or one hundred added to the recipe before serving up the one thing?

Which is really The Truth?

The woman writing last year would have sat in silence for weeks before committing the one thing to the screen and sending it out into the world.  But the woman sitting here this morning knows that every day holds it’s own truth.  Mercies new every morning.

Tomorrow I may well look at that chilly patchwork Saturday in 2017 differently but today is the only day I occupy.  Today the truth within me sees that I would be living much the same life in 2018 were it not for connecting with my heart, bonding with myself, believing my own perceptions, and choosing to allow the truth of my circumstances to rise to the surface in order to be healed and changed rather than walk around for one more day with the false reality I had constructed and tried to maintain for years.

I’ve written before about the fairly simple but life-changing encouragement from a friend to “shed a little light on it.”  At first listen, it seemed too easy for the parenting dilemma I had with my six year-old.   Often we (and that would be me) complicate the hard things we face in life by trying to anticipate what will happen if…..

It’s hard to quarantine our anticipations and questions and simply ask ourselves  what in my heart needs a little light shed on it today but if we do, what happens next not only has the power to surprise us but to delight us no matter the outcome of our dilemma.   God cannot do his best work when we refuse to accept the truth about our lives or the responsibility of pursuing connection with our own hearts.  This is why I am so passionate about the event I’m hosting in March. 

Now maybe on a snowy January morning in 2019, I’ll show up  with a ‘new’ truth that’s changing my life.  If 2018 unlocks as much fresh hope as I experienced in 2017, I’ll throw a big blog block party here to celebrate but today I hope you’ll consider asking yourself what in your heart needs a little light shed on it.  When you do, make sure to thank God for the resources and connections he is already ordering to help you process and grow through what you discover.

If you’re looking for some women who are also pursuing truth, consider joining us in March? (link here)  I’m all Living Your Story, Living Your Story and don’t want to sound like a broken record but the details God is putting into place continue to astound me.  Every day I’m a little more excited about it than the day before.  Trust me, you don’t want to miss this!  

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I'm a forty something women managing a busy family, working as a hair designer and trying to use my big-girl words.

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