31 Days of Growing Up



My growth is no doubt different from yours. Our experiences, gifts and individual journeys prepare us for periods of outlandish growth and sometimes months or years of stagnicity. There are so many things we can learn from each other if we slow down, embrace the growth and grace in our own lives, and then shamelessly pour it out over those around us.

growing up last

I’ll share some stories with hope, stories with tears and I’m sure we’ll have a couple of good laughs together.   I hope you’ll share a few of your stories with me as well.

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1**  Growing Up:  Day 1

2**  Growing Up: Day 2

3**  Growing Up:  Day 3

4**  Growing Up:  Day 4

5**  Growing up:  Day 5

6**  Grace:  Because I needed it

7**  Growing Up:  Day 7

8**  Growing Up:  Day 8

9** Growing Up:  Day 9

10**  Growing Up:  Day 10

11**  Growing Up:  Day 11

12**  Growing Up:  Yep I needed it

13**  Growing Up:  Day 13

14**  Growing Up:  Day 14

15**  Growing Up:  Day 15

16**  Growing Up:  Day 16

17**  Growing Up:  Day 17

18**  Growing Up:  Day 18

19**  Growing Up:  Day 19

20**  Growing Up:  Day 20

21** Growing Up:  Day 21

22**  Growing Up:  Day 22

23**  Growing Up:  Day 23


25**Growing Up:  Day 25

26**Growing Up:  Day 26&27

27**Growing Up:  Day 26&27

28**Growing Up:  Day 28

29**Growing Up:  Day 29

30**Growing Up:  Day 30

31**Growing Up:  Day 31

Growing Up:  Resource List

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